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Basic Phabricator Usage
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Basic Phabricator Usage

Everyone with access to Phabricator will find a couple places of interest in it:

Asking questions / looking for answers

Ponder is a place to ask questions and look for answers. If you need some usage information, or if you're uncertain about something, you should go to Ponder and see if your question has already been asked and possibly answered. If that's not the case - ask a new one. Feel free to ask anything and everything, and prefer this option if you're not quite sure if it deserves a ticket. If it turns out it's a feature request or a bug we'll easily convert it into a ticket that you can follow up on.

Report issues or requesting features

Maniphest is our ticketing system. You'll find all tickets related to your team in it. If you've got a bug report or a feature request, you're more than welcome to create a new one. But please, before deciding to do so - make sure that you're not creating duplicates by searching first.

When creating tickets please try to be as descriptive as possible. Especially if reporting bugs, please try to report reproduction steps (if applicable). Read more about providing reproduction steps.

Input in Phabricator

Any text input that relates to persons or projects has autocomplete that will help you out. If you wish to subscribe a bunch of people (eg: your team) - it might be easier to start typing your team name (eg Customer Support) and have them all subscribed instead adding person by person.
If you're unsure about severity of issue, please set priority to Needs Triage.
If you've got a document to upload - you can simply drag&drop it into textarea. Please avoid third party providers for screenshots, screencasts, documents etc. Apart from being a security issue (disclosing members or system information in public), it's also uncertain when will they expire or stop working.
If a screencast is a must, please record in mp4 or webm format, and upload to Phabricator directly by drag & drop into textarea. Phabricator also can inline YouTube videos - if you're linking those, please make sure they're unlisted on YouTube (if you're the uploader). Free version Screencast-o-matic should suffice.

If you're a frequent writer / have a lot of input, please read upon Remarkup - phabricators markup language. It will get you some info on how to create bullet lists, quote people or code, link to URLs properly, apply some text formatting and much more.


Our wiki might be sparse at the moment, but it will be a main source of all project documentation. This is meant to include:

  • documentation on project internals (developers documentation)
  • instructions on admin application usage (customer support guide)
  • instructions for 3rd party programmers / API documentation


Once you've got a Phabricator account you're advised to configure notifications. Phabricator will likely send you emails, but you're likely not interested in all of them. Do explore notification settings and update them to your liking, so you cut down on bloat and get the information you require.

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